Creating a new take on disruption

Why creativity matters

New in the lexicon of modern business terminology: fear of being Uber-ed. The disaster scenario where an entire enterprise is wiped out overnight by a radical new business model.

In this time of disruption, the very nature of work has fundamentally evolved. The need for speed in IP has created new environments that fuel rapid iteration and inspired collaborations.

This is where our client Regus, a global leader in flexible office space, saw an opportunity for a new innovation concept: Suger. This 30,000 square feet prototype in the Silicon Valley brought together design thinking spaces, a makers studio, media lab, and an accelerator mindset. Suger is dedicated to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and aggressive G100 companies looking for the next world-altering idea.

Mental blasting caps

Salt developed a distinctive brand that presented Suger as the place for explosive thinking. We designed a series of visual ‘blast’ scenarios that demonstrated the creative experience at Suger. This imagery was proof of concept and dramatic IP-in-progress storytelling.Disruption is often cast as a negative, but Suger is the creative antidote. Salt envisioned Suger as not only an innovation space but as a visionary force in re-inventing the rules of work, play, and collaboration culture. This led to a series of call to arms that set a confident, build-it-now, connect-the-dares tone. Suger now had a vocabulary to match the kinetic force of their visual identity.

Suger represents that moment of inspiration, the energy arc that passes from person to person. In a scrum of new ‘millennial’ workspaces pitching play-nice productivity and free craft beer, Salt took a bolder approach – one that celebrated the inspiration and agility of thinkers, makers, and accelerators.

Why creativity matters

Disruption is the new IP business model. The challenge is to capture the collaborative energy and inspiration that fuel this innovation culture. By focusing on explosive thinking, Suger positioned itself at the center of the creative boom.

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