We work at the intersection of brand and digital, helping ambitious leaders define and express what makes their business truly essential.

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We create and evolve brands, products and services by developing the core elements of strategy, naming, visual identity and communication. By distilling what’s essential, we’re far more adept at the digital translation – web, mobile, user experience and content development. This fusion of brand and digital brings an exponential effect: highly compelling stories, genuine engagement, motivated advocates and tangible business results.


If you're not essential, you're irrelevant.

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They dictate your market share, product viability and life span. They’re your stock price, media buzz and critical mass. They’re judge, jury, metric, evangelist or critic. Are you iconic or generic, relevant or unworthy? They make that call — and tweet and blog post. In a global, hyper-choice economy, they set the rules.

At Salt, we work with leaders to identify what makes their brand essential to people. Then we align those motivational drivers with a defined business strategy. When a brand is focused and engaged, the advantages multiply across every channel of communication. By bringing brand and digital together in one integrated experience, we’re able to tell more powerful and compelling stories. That’s how you reach people – and more importantly, how they reach you.

The Essential Checklist

Is there a clear, focused and endorsed strategy?

Is it strongly differentiated from competitors?

Is it relevant and engaging to customers?

Is it adept at delivering on concrete business objectives?

Is it dynamic enough to motivate people inside your company?


Be Great.
Be a Gator

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Online education is here and it’s a reality. It’s no longer the domain of experiments and disruptors. All established, branded universities are trying to work out how they are going to thrive in this new digital, education economy. Salt is working with schools like the University of Florida, Arizona State University and Rutgers to help them lead in this new market by creating effective, lead-generation marketing campaigns and digital experiences that deliver the results, they and their future students are looking for.





Paul Parkin

Founder, Creative Director

David Neugebauer

Founder, Strategy Director

Rick Herrick

Founder, Managing Director

Rob Osler

Principal, SVP Strategy

Erik Ritchie

Principal, SVP Strategy

César Chin

Principal, Creative Director

Eve Luppert

VP, HR and Operations

Lucien Etori

Vice President, New York

Chris Inclenrock

Creative Director

Jobs at Salt

Senior Visual Designer

Come to Salt and bring your vision to life. We’re seeking new talent for our design team.

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Design Intern

Continue your design education and launch your career. Salt is interviewing candidates for 12-week paid design internships.

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More about working at Salt

Working at Salt will give you the opportunity to do some of the most influential work in your career for some of the most influential businesses in the world. From start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, we build brands and digital experiences that will push your strategic, creative and technical capabilities.
With great benefits, a great environment and a desire to push the limits, we are looking for the best talent out there, whether you've got years of experience or you're just out of school.

For more information contact us, browse the job openings or follow us on Facebook to see what we're doing today.


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