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Salt forms strategic partnership with global communications leader WE (formerly Waggener Edstrom)

Salt Branding and independent communications agency WE (formerly known as Waggener Edstrom) have formed a strategic partnership that magnifies their ability to create, redefine and re-invent Essential Brands. Salt’s deep expertise in strategic brand development and creative identity systems will bring core strength to WE’s transformational storytelling and lead role in technology and communication. Stay tuned for dynamic new client stories from around globe.

In addition to our partnership, Salt also helped WE to rebrand themselves including a new positioning, visual identity, messaging and communications. To see everything in action, visit their new website created by Salt –

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We build essential brands.

Because if you’re not essential – you’re irrelevant.

They dictate your market share, product viability and life span. They’re your stock price, media buzz and critical mass. They’re judge, jury, metric, evangelist or critic. They’re your customers, your prospects and your influencers. They call the shots and set the rules. And they alone will decide whether your brand is iconic or generic, relevant or unworthy.

At Salt, we work with leaders to identify what makes their brands essential to these powerful people: today’s consumers. We find intersections of growth among business strategies, market opportunities, and customer insights. When a brand is focused and engaged, it creates a multiplier effect by making the most of every consumer interaction, across channels, across touchpoints, across boundaries. It enables you tell more powerful and compelling stories, create richer expressions and deliver genuine engagement. In todays hyper-connected world, that’s how you reach people – and more importantly, how they reach you.

So, ask yourself - is your brand essential?

The Essential Checklist

Is there a clear, focused and endorsed strategy?
Is it strongly differentiated from competitors?
Is it relevant and engaging to customers?
Is it adept at delivering on business objectives?
Is it dynamic enough to motivate employees?
Is it going to make a difference in the world?

Helping PWP to Thrive on Complexity

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Defining the ultimate Virtual Space

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Expanding the global reach of TPG

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Illuminating the world of lighting

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What’s your essential brand profile?

At Salt, we talk a lot about ‘Essential’ brands. Brands that cut through the clutter, build desire, drive loyalty, and create advocacy. 

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