Speaking with the right voice

Whether you’re a market leader or ambitious start-up, growth is the lifeblood of business. Growth comes from finding new and innovative ways to do things – from new markets and new products to controlling costs and managing prices. Growth delivers opportunities to increase both brand power and business profit.

The sky's the new limit

ServiceSource, a global leader of managed services in the recurring revenue and renewals market, had hit the ceiling for revenue potential. To open up new sources of revenue and achieve growth, ServiceSource knew it had to create an offering for the 90% of the market that independently managed licensing and renewals in house. Translation? ServiceSource needed a SaaS offering.

Walking and talking “cloud”

To be considered a serious player in the fast-moving SaaS market, ServiceSource needed to shed perceptions of being an “old-school, sales company.” They had to walk and talk like a web-centric SaaS company that speaks the language of the cloud. To help, Salt created a vibrant new brand identity, accompanied by a global campaign. Communications spanned the gamut from digital to cultural – all leveraging simple metaphors and analogies to talk about customer challenges in a fun and distinctive way.

The whole package was wrapped up for reference and training in a Brand Book. Salt used the Brand Book to communicate the brand guidelines in an entertaining and motivating way. The new campaign is still rolling out, but the company is already seeing positive feedback from customers and experiencing customer growth.

Brand voice

Developing a distinct and relevant brand voice was critical to establishing ServiceSource as a fast-moving SaaS company. Salt helped ServiceSource find their voice and talk to customers about real issues, such as money, ease of application, and methodologies in a direct, honest, and humorous way. Salt created a flexible messaging system that allowed ServiceSource to modify the tone and emphasis of each message based on the audience and communication channel.

Additionally, Salt developed a visual language to complement the brand voice. Using simple visual metaphors and analogies, Salt created a family of icons and illustrations that depict the issues, solutions, features, and services most relevant to ServiceSource customers’ needs.

“We are thrilled with the work that Salt developed. We experienced an unbelievably rapid adoption across the global organization. Fastest I’ve ever seen … and it needed to be, because our business couldn’t wait.”

Christine Heckart, Chief Marking Officer, ServiceSource

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