Video Storytelling
Using video to tell your story

Using video to tell your story

Video is a powerful way for brands to tell their stories and connect with their customers. They enable you to look forward or back, to deliver 'how-to' functionality or futuristic visions. They can be cinematically epic or shared moments of personal intimacy. They can build perceptions, express emotions and share ideas, or they can practically drive actions and events.  

Creating videos can be expensive with high-production values and complex components, or they can be simple, immediate and low-tech. They can be built to last or be part of a momentary conversation. They can tell your story or just as importantly, that of your customers. Video has become so pervasive and shareable that brands that aren’t exploring video storytelling run the risk of becoming more disconnected from the world of their customers, partners and evangelists.

At Salt, we make many types of video for our clients. For us, they are a more dimensional way to build a brand - both inside and outside the company. Telling stories through video builds a multi-sensory opportunity that makes a brand more accessible and engaging. Here are few different approaches:

Cerence - Can your car do that?

A launch video demonstrating the benefits of what happens when technology and experience come together to create A.I. for a world in motion.

KLA – We are Optimists

To connect employees with what the brand stood for, they didn't tell them what it was about - they simply shared the values they believed in.

Milliken – A Community of Innovators

A powerful story that builds upon the 150-year history of the Milliken company and defines the values and purpose they believe in as they look to the future.

Movies Anywhere – Anywhere is here

A launch video showcasing the power of movies and introducing the new video streaming service from some of the biggest studios in Hollywood.

TekSystems – Own Change

A highly personal perspective on what it takes to work and succeed at TekSystems, told directly through the experiences of their people. 

Why video matters

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, with people watching over 1 billion hours a day in over 91 countries. 70% are from mobile with over 1,000,000,000 views a day. More people prefer video over TV and half the viewers are under 32. From the right opening words to the most memorable closing logo, how are you using video?

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