Adapting to the New Clean
5 Ways to Evolve Your Brand Strategy in
Today’s World

Download our new report for strategies your brand can use to build trust by adapting to new consumer expectations around cleanliness, sanitation, safety, and communication.

It’s clear that for the foreseeable future brands must continue adapting and innovating to the current situation. To guide our clients through these changes, our new digital event series — The Hot Seat — brings together some of the sharpest strategists from across Material and its roster of clients, hosting research-driven discussions on topics that matter right now. Our goal? To spark new thinking and inspire innovative strategies to help teams and brands of all kinds navigate these complicated times.

For our first session, we focused on Americans’ evolving habits, behaviors, and attitudes around cleanliness and sanitation. The conversation featured:
Ben Gaddis
(CEO of T3)
Cary Bainbridge
(CMO of ABM)
Luci Rainey
Gareth Schweitzer
(CEO of Kelton and President of Material’s Action Division)

In this report, we share the most important and actionable takeaways from their discussion. Download now for strategies your brand can start using today keep up with changing consumer expectations.

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