Connecting to hardcore gamers

Why differentiation matters

Differentiation is what marketers do to distinguish their brands from the pack. Whether based on a recognizable identity, faster product performance, or more responsive service, such differences can be hard to make stick in customers’ minds. That’s why differentiating your brand in the hyper-choice economy requires focused and engaging messaging that promotes your brand’s key point of difference.

Logitech is in the game

High-end gaming brands compete for attention in one of the noisiest of all retail environments. In fact, the aisles of the big-box retailers are where hardcore gamers often make their purchase decisions. The challenge for Logitech (and Salt) was to introduce strong, contemporary packaging for its gaming peripherals—a “cool” identity that would attract attention while remaining authentically Logitech.

Our crystallization process uncovered a point of difference that really mattered to hard-core, sixteen-year-old gamers: the quality of Logitech’s products meant they performed “in the clutch,” those moments when a game is won or lost. This insight led to a bold design solution that used x-ray illustrations to capture gamers’ attention and highlight the quality and special features of the products.

Differentiation in the details

Salt closely oversaw development of more than 50 x-ray illustrations and corresponding package designs for the entire line of Logitech G-Series products. The effort launched successfully in 2013 and reaction in the retail channel has been exceptional. Beyond packaging and in-store communications, the visual language has been extended into digital and social media properties, collateral, and general marketing materials—making the brand identity system the center of Logitech’s marketing efforts to high-end gamers.

Authenticity is essential

Sixteen-year-old gamers have a perspective all their own. With that in mind, Salt developed an original persona that we used to assess designs for Logitech’s G-Series packaging. The use of this credible persona—we named him “Johnny 16”—helped us determine which approaches would resonate with real-world gamers. The ability to promise (and deliver) authentic benefits can turn customers into genuine fans

Making differentiation essential

Gamers are demanding. They want authenticity and performance. Creating a look and feel that could credibly deliver the results while looking cool was essential – especially from a company that was new to the gaming space.

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