Changing perception for a new market

Why working together to change perception matters

Google is one of the most famous and innovative companies of our time. Forbes magazine calls it the third most valuable brand in the world. That said, they were headed into new territory.  

That was the situation as Google prepared to enter a new market with Google Analytics 360 Suite, a range of analytics products for enterprise-level business. Google is the new kid in a well-established group of heavyweights dominated by IBM, Adobe and Oracle. How would Google adjust their consumer point of view and voice to speak to a hardcore B2B mindset?

Google has plenty to offer companies at the Fortune 500 scale - innovation, simplicity, integration and a fresh approach to UI. The consumer expectation that technology be intuitive and simple has now spread to big business data-crunching. That’s an opportunity that Google is naturally well-equipped to exploit.

Defining the communication plan

Google brought in Salt to help translate their brand for this new audience. We analyzed the business needs at every altitude -- from visionary CEO to head of marketing to director of analytics. This gave us the insights to lock down a detailed strategy and positioning.

Google is a deeply analytical and collaborative culture. A series of intensive workshops led to a communications plan with four differentiating themes and new messaging framework. This is turn allowed us to evolve their language, headlines and narrative for this highly demanding environment. From day one, we established Google 360 as a new voice for the enterprise.

Translating the Google voice

Google is building a strong identity and visual esthetic with their Material Design look and feel. Their distinctive tone of voice is a refreshing counterpoint to the usual biz-speak and tech jargon. A critical brand challenge was finding the right balance between Google the cool, consumer brand and Google the serious B2B powerhouse.

Salt embarked on a wide creative exploration based on Google’s design guidelines – everything from logo design, advertising execution to iconography and illustration.

The power of collaboration

Many of the benefits that Google brings to corporate analytics are a reflection of their Silicon Valley view on collaboration. Sharing, transparency and high-speed iteration are part of their DNA – and it was a significant requirement of this launch.
Salt helped focus the collective IQ so internal creative teams, marketing and product managers and partner agencies could all work smart. This approach dialed up experimentation, feedback and agility in real time. For Google, it was the right way to quickly work through the complexities of moving a brand into an entirely different space.

And then, The Power of Convergence

As Google continues to evolve and integrate it’s business services, Salt has continued to help them brand these core offerings. Google's enterprise marketing platform(Analytics 360 Suite) and DoubleClick its Ad serving platform have merged into a single platform to provide a more connected experience. Salt worked with the team and key international customers to develop the insights that have driven the brand positioning, architecture, messaging and transition strategies to guide this change. Technology brands will continue to evolve and optimize their services, creating more effective propositions and stronger connections with their customers.

Making collaboration essential

Google entered a competitive new global market as a relative unknown. A detailed understanding of the audience, skillful translation of their brand and a hyper-collaborative workflow allowed them to go from new player to established powerhouse.


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