Defining Purpose
Meaning is the true advantage

Meaning is the true advantage

Forward-looking brands understand that defining who you are and why you are here is as important for companies as it is for individuals. Defining purpose is the ultimate act of clarification and accountability.

Purpose strengthens internal culture, inspires loyalty and admiration, boosts productivity, and attracts the brightest talent. It’s a statement that makes a brand essential for years down the road. 

At Salt, we help companies discover and distill the meaning behind what they do and what kind of impact they can have on their organization, their customers, and ultimately our world.  

In today’s climate of social responsibility, technological disruption, market upheavals, and shifting employee values and priorities, finding purpose is essential. Think of it as future-proofing for your brand.   

We take an immersive dive into your company values and history, business objectives, and market realities. We provide an in-depth competitive analysis of how other companies, both in and out of your industry, are working with purpose and what opportunities that opens up.   

A critical starting point is understanding what drives the search for purpose. Is it to energize or reshape the internal company culture? Is it to attract and retain more skilled and talented employees? Is there a change in consumer buying habits that mandates a new approach to how the company operates and presents itself? What are the foundational issues that will help us delineate purpose?

Defining purpose is only half the battle. We work with our clients to develop a communication and content strategy to bring their purpose to life. In particular, we look at ideas that give people within the company the opportunity to enrich this story in their own personal ways. The goal is a feedback loop that continues to educate and inspire, making purpose both tangible and ready for action.  

Purpose has to be authentic and believable, focused and aspirational. This is a challenging, insightful, and exciting process that will unify and reenergize your company. Answer the question of Why and you have the most meaningful advantage of all.   

Why purpose matters

Very few people disagree with the need for Purpose. But, defining what that means to your company and culture varies between brands. Some companies are about What they do, others How they do it and a few, Why they do it. Understanding how Purpose impacts your business is where it becomes essential.

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