Creating Names
Our philosophy on great names

Our philosophy on great names

At Salt, we believe essential brands require great names. We have decades of experience developing names that help companies become integral and stay relevant with their customers. Whether they’re used for more functional or more emotional purposes, great names perform critical jobs for brands. 

At Salt, we believe great names...

Spark the Imagination

Great names have the power to conjure the imagination instantly. They can convey a feeling or emotion even before revealing their true meaning. Use fanciful names to evoke a mood through pure style, suggestive names to imply meaning through metaphor, or descriptive names to simply and effectively communicate information.

Spark a Purpose

The naming process at Salt begins and ends with strategy. Names that creatively reinforce brand positioning and speak directly to specific target audiences form a cornerstone for a brand’s verbal and visual storytelling. Great names work hardest when they align to support every facet of a brand. And when all the parts work seamlessly together, brands truly shine.

Become Power Tools

Names can be fanciful and evocative, but they can also be hard-working power tools that serve a more functional, practical, even utilitarian role. Stand-out names get all the attention, but names often need to fill a role within a brand architecture or within an established nomenclature system. We help ensure names are performing the right job, at the time, all the time.

Protect You

Anyone can come up with a name, but developing ownable, legally-protected intellectual property that won’t trigger infringement lawsuits takes experience. We understand the intricacies of the USPTO, global trademark law, and cultural linguistics. By using advanced tools and trusted legal partners, we develop names that don’t just stand out, but stand up to legal scrutiny.

Takes Guts

Sometimes it’s hard to know when a name is the “right”name. Maybe it didn’t jump off the page at first glance, or maybe it made people a little uncomfortable. Salt outlines the issues and opportunities for pushing creative boundaries. Whether it’s a name for the next Wi-Fi, or the next Xbox One, Salt can help bring the context that helps people choose smarter names that work harder and fly higher.

Redefining an Existing Name

For large global brands, changing names can be exhausting and expensive. So sometimes it’s a good strategy to make existing names work harder. KLA-Tencor’s name had strong customer recognition but had lost some of its meaning over time. Salt helped them assess the value of their name and prove that retaining a part of it could be more effective than creating a whole new name.The result was simplifying and shortening the name to KLA. In line with their new brand positioning around optimism, KLA was redefined to mean, “Keep Looking Ahead”, a phrase that became their new tagline.

Why Great Names Matter

Names that are successful in the market first have to be successful with internal audiences—and that often means gaining strong internalalignment and agreement. Companies often get lost in a sea of evaluation tools: name research and testing, cultural linguistics studies, and of course, legal results. Salt understands that seeding breakthrough names means helping teams understand how to apply all that information as inputs and starting points for brand building and great brand naming.

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