Embracing change

A.I. is changing everything

Cars are changing, driving is changing, and the way we interact with vehicles – and what we do with them – is being enhanced by new experiences and emerging technologies. Nuance is one of the leading brands developing A.I.-driven capabilities from voice to gesture to audio to gaze. We tell our cars what we want them to do. We control their actions with a flick of the wrist or we connect to the world around us through real time data and information. In fact, car technology is becoming so sophisticated that it really has become an industry of its own and we are living in the mobility era.

Creating a new brand for mobility

Expanding on previous work with Nuance, Salt was asked to help create a new brand for a stand-alone business comprising their pioneering automotive group whose clients include many of the leading auto manufacturers – BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Geely, GM, and Toyota. This new global business is pushing the limits of both technology and the driving experience. The result is Cerence - A.I. for a world in motion.

Two halves of one whole

The Cerence brand strategy is based upon the balance between technological capability and emotional experience – the yin and yang of functional (how it works) and emotional (how we feel about it). This idea permeates all aspects of the brand from positioning to naming, identity to expression.

The brand’s new name combines intelligence (from cerebral) and sensory perception (from sense and essence) together. The name delivers a simple, confident idea and is reinforced by the tagline, “A moving experience”. 

The visual identity expands on this idea using the metaphor of the human brain as its focal point. The combination of the rational and emotional working together to create these unique experiences. The typography of the letterforms are connected and moving. The brand color aqua is both calming, flowing, and distinctive. Together, these elements combine to deliver on the promise of both transformation and delight.

Visualizing a world in motion

Expanding on the core assets of the brand, the new creative expression and brand voice extends this sense of balance and motion across all key touchpoints of the business. The ‘motion strip’ was developed as a construct to contain these elements. Imagery combines the high-performance technology of cars and advanced engineering with the equally high performance of human dynamics - speed, poise, control, and the thrill of exhilaration. Color, shape, type, imagery all work together to express the controlled energy of the brand through its visual language.

Accelerating the experience

From digital to print, events to video, the new brand expression needed to perform better, not just look good. Telling the new story in a clear and compelling way across business, marketing, sales and customer communications was key to defining their vision. That included re-architecting their product offering ‘Cerence Drive’ to better explain their products and services.

Salt delivered all the assets and guidelines for the brand and worked with the team to create a voice and creative look and feel that was easy to manage and flexible to deploy.

In a category filled with car clichés and engineering complexity, the new brand achieves a unique balance of energy and control, information and excitement. It’s a new expression for a new world of experience.

Why embracing change matters

Cerence knows that the new wave in mobility requires human-centric innovations that are both emotional and technical. Balancing vision with skill, Cerence is redefining what the driving experience will be for generations to come.

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