Collaboration. The Ultimate Plus.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the fundamental notion and mechanics of ‘work’ has changed fairly radically.

For many of us, work isn’t a ‘place’ anymore. Work isn’t circumscribed by coworker adjacency, office location or even time zones. You can even make a persuasive argument that work is no longer strictly defined as a known set of specialized processes done by a specific set of ‘workers.’

Successful work today – especially in the creative field – is characterized by organizations that have the flexibility to generate innovative ideas (which sometimes come from the client), pinpoint emerging opportunities and then act decisively on them.

In order to do that, forward thinking companies have to be dynamic – quickly responding to volatile business conditions. They have to be connective – fostering access to information regardless of time, distance and business unit. Above all, they have to be collaborative – bringing resources together to openly share culturally relevant insights and unlock new ideas.

At Salt Branding, we’ve made dynamic, connected and collaborative practices an integral part of our daily methodology. This redefinition of work allows us to effectively navigate the complex, constantly changing and substantially millennial-driven media environment.

This is also why our integration with The PLUS Network makes such amazing sense. The reasoning is that the way we work with PLUS partner companies is a direct reflection of how we work with our own clients.

Unlike the old holding company model defined by infighting, and a territorial drive to preserve client ‘ownership,’ this network is inspired by complimentary, not competitive thinkers. These partner agencies know when and how to work together without power struggles or the need to control every aspect of the process.

In fact, The PLUS Network has incentivized all of our partner companies to establish work methods that better facilitate connectedness and leverage their collective strengths. In turn, this motivates external stakeholders and clients to take a more participatory role in helping transform their business.

The nature and definition of work has evolved. Skillful collaboration breaks apart barriers, information silos and outdated frameworks. This isn’t just a new way to work, it’s a new way to accelerate brand success in a hyper-speed marketplace.