Making things clear

Why expression matters

Essential brands express themselves consistently and distinctly through the entire brand experience. Whether it’s in the personality of a name and identity, in the style of graphic design and writing, or in the experience of product, service, and support, your brand’s expression can help you make deeper connections with everyone who matters to you.

Content without borders

Sling Media created a revolution in home entertainment when they introduced their TV companion, Slingbox in 2005. It’s an ingenious device that plugs into a cable box and lets viewers use the internet to watch their home TV – including all the channels they already pay for – from anywhere around the globe, on their computers, phones, and tablets.

Reinforcing their maverick positioning in the marketplace, Sling has unveiled their next-generation technology: SlingTV. SlingTV integrates free and paid content from premium cable, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, along with personal pictures and videos, and brings it all together into a single interface. And like Slingbox, all this content can be watched via the internet from anywhere in the world.

One Sling, three siblings

With the release of SlingTV, Sling saw an opportunity to revisit its branding. Salt was brought in to crystalize Sling’s vision and to revise the brand architecture, visual language, and website. Starting with architecture, Salt reorganized their portfolio, focusing on three main products, each leveraging the Sling name: Slingbox, SlingTV, and Slingplayer.

Designed to stand out

Salt then developed a visual language designed to get noticed on-shelf and communicate each product’s value. The shapes in the Sling logo provided inspiration for the design, with circles becoming visual cues to highlight specific information: features, benefits, and emotions associated with Sling products. In aggregate, the more circles on the package, the more features in the product.

The next step was to update the Sling website. Salt refreshed the content and designed a thoroughly modern, responsive site. Leveraging the latest personalization technology, the new site more effectively presents content relevant to the specific needs of each visitor. Both on package and on the web, Sling gained an arresting way to communicate its core value proposition – don’t pay twice to watch the content you already pay for.


In a complex category with a vast array of devices and services available, Salt helped Sling tell its story with simplicity and impact. Salt believes effective storytelling is a powerful way for brands to engage and form deep relationships with their audiences. Salt specializes in developing highly compelling brand stories and expressing those stories visually, verbally, and experientially.

Making expression essential

The TV entertainment category is cluttered with devices and services that deliver similar and confusing products like TiVo, Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. But Sling is different. Explaining why, both visually and verbally was essential in telling that story – online, at retail and in communications.

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