Driving engagement in online education

Why engagement matters

With so many competitors and options, brands are increasingly challenged to get the attention of their customers. So when they do get their moment, they’d better make the most of it. Salt believes that focused and engaging brand communications are a powerful tool to effectively land a brand’s story in the marketplace.

Pearson opens up

In today’s hyper-connected world, tech-savvy students expect “always-on” digital engagement. Pearson, the world’s largest education company and Salt client since 2010, delivers online learning platforms, course resources and content, and data and analytics services to dramatically improve access to effective, personalized learning.

One of the many programs Salt has partnered with Pearson is in bringing its open-source Learning Management System to life. Based on a vision to help educators bring social learning and interactive experiences to students, Salt provided positioning, naming, and messaging, as well as marketing planning and communication, for what became the OpenClass™ brand. The first twenty-four hours of the launch campaign produced over 5,000 responses and resulted in more than 500 OpenClass installations by educational institutions. Salt has continued to engage prospects with digital, direct, and social marketing, including video storytelling and a fully responsive OpenClass website.

Efficiency is essential

Engaging customers with compelling, relevant content and experiences is crucial to making your brand essential to its customers. Yet, with so many ways to connect with audiences—from traditional brand and communications channels to digital media, mobile, social, and beyond—engaging with a focused and consistent point of view and presence is imperative.

Making engagement essential

Creating breakthrough experiences for students, educators and institutions is essential to build the rich engagement that online education needs to connect with a rapidly expanding marketplace and drive better learning results.

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