Art & Tech: A Dialogue

In the marketing business, we read a lot about how digital media is changing our lives. We listen to analysts and experts, other marketers, and sometimes to consumers, but what do artists have to say? If art is a mirror for society, then what does it have to show us about our technology-driven world?

Looking at a broad group of contemporary artists and art, one main theme emerged—connection. A lot of modern artworks explore and question the connections created by technology: the link between the digital and our physical world, the relationships among us that are helped or hindered by devices, the software and hardware that can empower our creative sides and allow new types of experiences. There’s an overall tone of optimism; ideas of inclusion and possibility. But there’s also a realism about the implications of change. Like many of the new media of our age, it’s a conversation.

From artists and curators to technologists and brands, today’s art and technology professionals are engaged in a dialogue. Artists are using technology in and for their work. Businesses are sampling from art to market their technologies. Artists are responding to the business of technology. Big tech companies are running artistic programs, like Google’s DevArt and Intel’s Creators Project, to promote creative thinking that utilizes their products. Developers are in demand, especially those with imagination—the ones who might just create the next wonder. Everyone can be an artist, everyday, thanks to Instagram and iPhones.

So does technology really improve our lives? See what these artists have to say:

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